Cindy talks MYThistories, French Stewart & WWF

Last Sunday, I braved Skype (with limited success) and guest ranted at Rant &

Also on Facebook

Banter, a new podcast series via Angry Patrons.

Angry Patrons is the brainchild of Monet Hurst-Mendoza & James Daniel Haro. About 4/5 of the way into this podcast (exact time forthcoming) I describe MYTHistories.

We also discussed the recent French Stewart article that local theater artists seemed to spread like wildfire. More on that here, since it’s off-topic.

How we need more gateway drugs into theatre like Santa Monica Rep’s Tempest at the Annenberg Beach House.


The Tempest audience Photo by Judy Raffel

The Tempest's walk-by audience | Photo by Judy Raffel

WWF (World Wrestling Federation)

and again, I try to describe MYTHistories. Time in forthcoming; I haven’t had time to listen to it yet! Do you have questions? Check the Contribution Guidelines and send your own MYTHistory.

If you want to Contribute a MYTHistory or two, here are the guidelines.


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