commitment to the story

Last year I work-shopped a play about MYTHistories at The Indy Convergenceand shortly after realized this theme is my life’s work. My novel in progress is a MYTHistory, my Jesus play from last year definitely is, and the the multi-disciplinary work I will workshop this year in Indy investigates how the MYTHistory of the Virgin Mary affects young girls and women.

Every day I will post something about the process or definition of what a MYTHistory is. But here is the gist:

People write history. Everything we know was told through someone’s lens, someone’s perspective. 

Yet many of us grow up with the idea that History is infallible, that is how it happened.

Do you have an example of something you thought was Historical Truth and learned later it was more complex than you thought? That is a MYTHistory.


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