MYTHistories: Election Season

A MYTHistory to me is the difference between what we are taught vs what we learn to be true later.

There is another side, however, and that is the automatic idea that if it’s in a news source, it must be true. Although most people now understand that is not the case, when a headline comes into our path with which we agree, it is easier to forego critical skepticism.

Here is something I posted on Facebook after a fantastically funny photo was shared by at least 3 out of 4 people I knew, and it turned out to be a hoax.

It’s important to take a step back and confirm validity before Sharing. You all, more than anyone else, know that I am subject to Sharing without Confirming just as anyone is. In an election season, when we all want so badly for our side to vote, it is easy to just hit Share.

I learned in the past year is that it takes much more effort than just double-checking the headline doesn’t come from The Onion. We are all citizen journalists, in that we have an audience. We must take that responsibility.
Everyone has their own perspective. We interpret truths based on our own perspective. We must agree to disagree sometimes (and I am not talking about the combination of the words “legitimate” and “rape” in this context).
Convincing someone they may possibly need to review everything for which their party stands is a lot harder iif we share false information. There is no reason for anyone to know a picture is fake except for the fact that even I learned Photoshop last weekend.
Just take a second.
1) Confirm your headline is not from The Onion or “Kind of almost News” site
2) Find it on more than one source
3) Check the date
4) Is there a Photoshop-Proof site? I’d love to have that one. Run it past that site to see if there is even a chance of Photoshop?
Facebook PSA for the day. Don’t share just because you want it to be true.
A hard reality, to be sure. I know firsthand.

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