Your MYTHistories

What is a MYTHistory?

Your work must, in some way, try to answer or address the question:

How is history written and mythology made?

That is the only requirement.


read the latest MYThistories here or choose a category to your right


Who Owns Your Work/MYThistories?

You do. Always.
2 Basic Choices:
1. You can choose to post your MYTHistory in its entirety (recommended but not required), in which case the work while it appears on this site falls under the Creative Commons License outlined in the sidebar. The work can co-exist on any other site as well. Editor will in no way ever claim ownership to your work, but will credit Contributor at all times and work to promote all Contributors’ work.
2. You can Contribute with a teaser/segment of your MYTHistory and link back to the work on another site. In this manner you choose whatever License to your work that you prefer. Editor will in no way ever claim ownership to your work, but will credit Contributor at all times and work to promote all Contributors’ work.
  • You may submit as often as you like, in as many categories as you like.
  • Editor reserves the right to post or not post submissions at will.
  • Choose up to 2 of the following Categories. Click on each to see examples.
    • Look: PHOTOS | ART
    • Listen: PODCASTS | AUDIO
  • You can suggest another Category for your Submission, but please also add 2 existing Categories for back-up.
  • You may also submit up to 5 additional keywords to label each entry. Editor has the ability to edit labels without express permission from Contributor, though all Contributor Requests are carefully considered.
  • If Submission is accepted, Editor will request a 100-word bio and image and set a date for post published.
  • Regular Contributors may be given administrator privileges after a trial period.

MYTHistories is a project under the Blue Dragon Scribe Shoppe and

Cindy Marie Jenkins, Storyteller.

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